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Our Mission

AOET-USA is a Christ-centered organization that engages supporters to partner with AOET-Uganda, providing orphans and vulnerable children with a primary and secondary education, nutrition and medical care.

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    Nakato Jovia  and her twin sister were born in Uganda on October 20, 2005.  Her family is Catholic and they stay in the village of Lwanyama, located in the Kamuli district.  She is cared for by a guardian named Rebecca, who works as a policewoman.  There are 6 people sharing their home, and Jovia helps out with sweeping the compound and cooking.  She is in the Primary 5 Class at Global Education Center Kisozi.  Jovia’s favorite subject is science, and she hopes to become a policewoman too.  In her spare time, she enjoys revising her school books and playing football (soccer) with friends at school.

    Jovia applied for sponsorship in November 2016, and is anxiously waiting for a sponsor.

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    Ocen Joshua was born on December 9, 2004.  His family is Protestant and they stay in the town of Lira, located in the Lira district of rural northern Uganda.  His parents are peasant farmers and struggle to provide for their 7 children and the other relatives sharing their home.  Joshua helps out with sweeping their compound and fetching water from the well.  He is in the Primary 4 Class at Rehaboth Primary School ~ Lira campus, which is run by AOET.  Joshua’s favorite subject is math and he hopes to become a teacher when he grows up.  In his spare time, he enjoys reading storybooks and playing all kinds of sports with his friends after school.

    Joshua applied for sponsorship in May 2016, and is anxiously waiting for a sponsor.

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    Mulungwe Ibrahim was born in Uganda on April 30, 2006.  His family stays in the village of Kabuki, located in the Mayuge district.  His parents are both living, but they are just peasant farmers and truly struggle to provide for their large family.  There are 10 people sharing their home, including 4 boys and 4 girls, and Ibrahim helps out with sweeping and fetching water.  He is in the Primary 3 Class at Rehaboth Primary School, which is run by AOET.  Ibrahim’s favorite subject is math, and he dreams of becoming a doctor one day.  In his spare time, he loves playing football (soccer) with his friends at school.

    Ibrahim applied for sponsorship in November 2016, and is anxiously waiting for a sponsor.

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  • educate


    A $38 monthly sponsorship provides a child with school fees, medical care, lunch, a school uniform, and the tools to improve

    their world.

  • empower


    We believe that empowerment happens when people learn to provide for themselves. AOET communities focus on teaching skills and giving confidence for a happy life.

  • engage


    We encourage all of our donors to personally engage with the children they sponsor. We suggest writing letters, sending pictures, or even traveling to the community!

  • christ

    Christ Centered

    We are a Christian organization compelled by the desire to help those in need, but are careful to respect community beliefs, no matter what.