The hope of AOET is that every child would have the opportunity to reach their full potential. As so many children have lost their parents to AIDS, they need someone willing to stand with them and encourage them to pursue a brighter future ahead.

Monthly sponsorship is a very tangible expression of love and support.  Since our affiliate staff in Uganda identifies children in their communities who need support, your donation is sure to have a direct and lasting impact.

A $38 monthly sponsorship provides school fees, medical care, lunch at school, and a school uniform.

“The need is overwhelming in Africa, and a lot of children see themselves stuck where they’re at. With sponsorship comes new opportunities that they may have never dreamed possible – getting to attend school, access to proper medical care, and opening up the door for a brighter future.”
~Kelly Wesley, Child Sponsorship Director

We encourage sponsors to build a strong relationship with their children by exchanging letters and pictures with one another.

Sponsor A Child Today