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Opio Andrew was born on November 17, 2000.  His family is Catholic and they stay in the town of Lira, located in the Lira district of rural northern Uganda.  His parents are both living HIV+, and his father is also blind and very weak.  His mother works as a peasant farmer to try and provide for their 6 children.  Andrew helps out his parents by fetching water from the borehole.  He is in the Primary 4 Class at Rehaboth Primary School ~ Lira campus, which is run by AOET.  Andrew tells us that his favorite subject is mathematics and he dreams of becoming a doctor.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing football (soccer) and visiting his nearby relatives.  He is a high priority student in need of sponsorship.

Andrew applied for sponsorship in May 2016, and is anxiously waiting for a sponsor.

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