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On February 28, 2015, Avery Madison Foot passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.

Following Avery’s passing it was the desire of her parents, Jeff and Shaena, to honor her memory in a lasting and meaningful way. This family of dedicated sponsors has been a part of the organization for many years and are both emotionally and spiritually invested in the lives of the children there.  Upon learning of Avery’s passing, family and friends came together and donated to AOET in her honor, thus creating the beginnings of Avery’s Legacy of Hope Fund.

Each year, graduating students will be invited to apply for this scholarship and the Child Welfare Department in Uganda will choose students to receive an award. Your one-time or ongoing donation will be applied to this fund. It is the hope of the family that this fund continues to grow in order to assist deserving and qualified students to attend University in Avery’s memory for many years to come.